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for your Internet solutions

Our focus

is to provide your Internet operations, website & apps with robust performance, functionality, effective design & targeted outreach
Planning & Strategy

Project Definition
Creative Strategy
Timeline Management
Budget Management


Front & Back-end Development
CMS Integration
API Architecture
eCommerce end-to-end
Social Engagement Automation
Server & Network Integration

Project Management

Time Management
Problem Solving
Progress Reporting

Internet Marketing

Brand Elevation
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Engagement
Internet Advertising

Our Internet Technologies agency's greatest value to you is that we are an agile and highly capable team of experienced professionals. We bring to your project the technology, creativity, and vision to deliver results and have the end-to-end skills in every critical area requiring success on the Internet.

Our Process

is your roadmap to success

1. Connect with us to discuss your project and to determine if our team is a good fit for you.

2. Planning phase to gather requirements, strategize solutions, and create a project definition.

3. Development, integration, testing and training is where all the magic happens.

4. On-boarding of code, database and media to production servers and your project is launched!

  • Connect

    Connect with us to discuss your project

  • Plan

    We help you define & express your needs

  • Produce

    We manage & develop your project

  • Launch

    We test & launch your project

1. Monitor and keep your site & apps optimized for speed and search.

2. Produce and distribute excellent periodic content (text, images, & video) to drive traffic.

3. Create & manage social media campaigns with live engagement on all major social platforms.

4. Support, consult & advance functionality or design as needs arise.

  • Performance

    24/7 SEO & Performance Monitoring

  • Content

    We produce and direct your media

  • Social

    We manage your social presence

  • Support

    We're your Internet operations team

Our Team

of Internet Technology Experts can be on yours
Jerry DeFoe
Jerry DeFoe
Development & Integration
Lee Mendelsohn
Lee Mendelsohn
Operations & Projects
Ashley Schantin
Ashley Schantin
DevOps Protégé
Karamy Meussig
Karamy Meussig
Internet Marketing & Strategy
Amy Spreadborough
Amy Spreadborough
Design, Branding & Messaging

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